Let’s start with Play

For almost 100 years, Lake Placid has been the main and favorite freshwater playground for those living on the coastal and metropolitan areas of Florida.  Most people have either been here before or know someone who has.  Just imagine summers on any one of the 27 beautiful and natural lakes in the Lake Placid area.  No man-made retention ponds here.  Many kids have their first experience boating, tubing and learning to ski and wakeboard on Lake Placid’s lakes.


 Spending evenings around a campfire and mornings fishing our lakes….. it doesn’t get any better than this.  But it doesn’t stop here, I’m just getting started!  Our rolling hills and beautiful landscape make us a favorite place for road-bikers to cycle on our rolling hills and winding roads with lake views everywhere you look and we can’t leave out the motorcyclist’s that share our roads.  Many weekends you see both motorcycle clubs and bicycle clubs from all over Florida converging here for the fun of the run.  You will find many 5 K’s, half marathons and even a mini triathlon all happening at different times of the year.  Visit our chamber web-site at www.lpfla.com to find out about all our yearly events.  Also search our advertisers on the Lake Placid Fun Map and you will find hotels and cottage rentals that will make your stay most memorable.



Don’t forget to check out our local festivals too.  We have saturday morning markets, local sidewalk cafes, restaurants, shops and museums.  Lake Placid has something else you won’t find anywhere else in Florida.  We are the Town of Murals with 42 murals painted throughout the town.  This is an awesome thing to do with friends and family, strolling the town looking at the area’s history as told by the murals and artists that painted them.  You will also find 17 golf courses, many small private and community airports in the area for our frequent aviation guests, and sometimes we even see a seaplane land on our lakes.  Bass fishing tournaments and night fishing for spec fish  bring fisherman from all over the country to our shores for the best freshwater fishing Florida has to offer. 


Come and find out for yourself how Melvil Dewey, who invented the Dewey Decimal System, was integral in establishing Lake Placid, Florida as the winter playground to the rich and famous in the 1920’s.  Many buildings he built still stand in Lake Placid today.  From the Lake Placid Loj buildings to cottages on Lake Clay that you can stay in while visiting Lake Placid today.  As you enter the town you see the 270 foot tall Happiness Tower, and you will know you have arrived and your vacation is about to begin.  The hard part is leaving.


That leads me to Living

When I moved my family to Lake Placid 6 years ago I was moving to the country to escape the rat race of the big city.  I was surprised to find that many of the people I met were city people that had moved to the “country”!  The best part was that moving to Lake Placid really was the difference that let us enjoy life.  Our kids are growing up boating, skiing and sailing the lakes.  We enjoy many nights of campfires, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs.  Town festivals, fairs, a community church and the best friends we could ever hope for is what we found in Lake Placid.


  You see we chose to simply remove ourselves from the rat race.  We pushed the reset button and chose to raise our children in a village atmosphere.  We love to visit and shop at the local shops most of all, but we still visit Starbucks, Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Books a Million and other big box shops all right here in Highlands county.


But we do it without the stress of the high traffic and congestion that comes with the rat race. If you have been looking for a change in your life and landscape, consider Lake Placid, Florida.  We have consistently grown in population and there has never been a better time to make the change. 


Working in Lake Placid

You would be surprised at some of the businesses that call the Lake Placid area home.  There are Large scale agricultural operations, large internet based businesses, and manufacturing operations selling their products nationally and even internationally.   


What I found when I moved here was that Lake Placid is perfectly situated in the center of the state within a 2 hour drive of 80% of the state’s population in all directions. That just makes logistical sense for many business owners.  So think of this, a business owner has the ability to own their building for what you pay in rent on a building on the coast, you can live in a beautiful lakefront estate home of your choice where you can walk out to your boathouse everyday.  This waterfront house will likely cost ˝ of what you would pay for a similar property on the coast.  There is abundant housing for your employees for prices that are likely ˝ of the cost of what those employees would have to pay for a similar home in a place like South Florida.  There has always been ample local help and county programs are available to help train businesses employees for the specific needs of a business that relocates to the Lake Placid area. So if you are ready to lower your businesses overhead and increase quality of your life maybe now’s the time to make that change.


If you are interested in moving your business, opening a bed and breakfast, antique shop, sidewalk café, etc. Lake Placid wants you here!  Call Ken LeBlanc at (863)610-2202 www.lakeplacidcottagecompany.com to discuss all the benefits of Living, Working and Playing in Lake Placid, Florida.


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